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500% up to $5000
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What makes one casino different from all the rest? SlotoMania could certainly claim to be different, and we are about to find out why that is. You might be racking your brains now trying to think of what the difference might be, but we guarantee you’ll be surprised.

Play using an email address, phone, or Facebook

Yep, you get some unusual options here, but you can choose how to approach SlotoMania based on the device you are using. Are you starting to realize how different this site is?

This is social gaming on slot machines

One thing you should know before you proceed here is that the casino does not pay out anything in real money. This is social casino gaming, meaning you can participate and share your progress on Facebook, or just enjoy the games for their entertainment value. You might even practice some titles at SlotoMania and then try the paid versions elsewhere. You get lots of options to think about here, that’s for sure.

What kinds of games could you soon be playing?

There are lots of titles at SlotoMania, and as the name suggests, this is the home of slots rather than other casino games. There are ones here you may not have seen elsewhere too, giving you yet another reason to consider using the site.

There are Halloween Thrills to experience, and a Farm Fortune 2 slot to check out. Look out for other titles including Enchanted Oz, Legend of the Elements, and Despicable Wolf 2. You can see there are lots of titles that delve into all kinds of themes, so there is always something exciting to watch out for.

Select a game and learn more about it

This can be done without logging into your account, too. Select a game and the next page shows you an image of that game screen. You can also learn more about the theme and discover the features of that game. These might include the line quantity, special icons in action, and the chance to trigger special features and bonuses too.

Can you play every game on the site?

Not when you first join, no. You might need to attain certain levels to unlock more games. There are plenty to choose from to start with, but it’s good to know that SlotoMania Casino delivers more if you play for a while too.

Are there other features to look forward to at SlotoMania?

Yes! Watch out for the chance to collect SlotoCards during play. These can be used to try and win prizes on the site. There are SlotoQuests to look for too, where missions are created for you to try and complete as you play.

There are other boosters, bonuses, and similar features to enjoy as well, so while you aren’t going to play for real cash at this casino, it still delivers a thrilling experience. You can also learn more about video slots and classic slots, simply by reading the info on the site. If you have never played slots before, this casino could well prove to be the ideal introduction.