Great Choices for Players Interested in Café Casino Table Games

Cafe Casino
Café Casino, like most online gaming destinations, has the bulk of their action occurring at their slot machines; slots continue to be the biggest play in online gaming online casinos everywhere. Players should take notice of other sections of their favorite gaming site, however, and think about the possibility of expanding their wagering beyond the reels. The following four games available at Café Casino are great for slot players who are looking for new gaming experiences.

The Spinning Wheel at the Roulette Table

Some players avoid Roulette because the game does not use traditional methods like dice or cards, and the layout of the table can look confusing. In reality, mastering Roulette can take time, but it is quite easy to learn the basics. Players make bets on what color or number they think the ball will land on when the wheel stops turning. Bets with better odds pay off at a lower amount but are hit more often; bets on black or red, evens and odds and complete columns are called outside bets and are a great way for beginners to get a bit of experience. For those who like a higher level of excitement, betting single numbers brings fewer wins than outside bets, but offer larger payouts when successful.

Rolling the Dice at the Craps Table

Like Roulette, Craps is easy to learn but difficult to master; the game offers new players an easy way to get accustomed to craps with the Pass Line Bet. After the bet is made the dice are thrown and result in three possibilities; a 7 or 11 are a win, 2, 3 and 12 are a loss and any other number becomes the shooter’s point. The player then throws the dice until either the shooter point number appears and gives players a win or the 7 appears and the player loses. While there are other bets that can be made in Craps, Pass Line Bets are a great way to play until a player is totally comfortable with the game.

Baccarat: The No Bullets Needed Casino Shoot Out

Baccarat consists of two hands of cards, known as the player and the banker, and those playing at the table can wager on who they think will win each hand or if they will tie. Each hand receives two cards, although in some instances a third is played. The given set values for the cards in each hand are added together and the hand with highest total wins. As players become more experienced in the game, they will learn how to use the payout ratios that vary with the results from each hand.

Looking for 21 at the Blackjack Table

Blackjack is by far the most recognizable came of the four; players receive two cards in an attempt to get as close to 21 as possible without going over, or “busting”. After the players receive their cards, the dealer will play his own hand under a strict set of rules. All players who finish with higher hands then dealer win, except for when the dealer hits 21; then only the players with 21 will receive their initial bet.

Some Strategy is required at the Tables

Table games require a bit more thinking than slot play, but the basic rules of most games are easy to follow, and they can be enjoyed by beginners. Most online bettors have a favorite game that they play most of the time; occasionally, however, there comes a time when some players need to expand their experience and table games provide a great opportunity for slot players to do just that.