Rival I-Slots

Rival’s I-Slots series has granted the provider legions of fans. If you go on the official website of Rival Gaming and enter the I-Slots section, you will be able to choose between 22 different I-Slots.

Themes and Looks

There are many themes, depicted in these games. There are the Cosmic Quest series, the Reel Crime series, As the Reels Turn series, sports-themed games, animal-themed games and many others. In all honesty, no title has a single stand-alone big theme; they are all more or less story-connected or centered around a very specific activity or place, which makes them all quite unique in their own way. The visual design of each of these I-Slots is spectacularly crafted to the tiniest of detail. They all feature some kind of an animated intro that lets the player know the tiny backstory, around which the theme of the game revolves. Naturally, there is always some kind of a soundtrack, accompanying the gameplay.

Main Rules

Regardless of their atmosphere, the I-Slots all share 5 reels and 3 rows. The number of the paylines in those games varies from 15 to 20. There is an option “Select Lines” in all of them, which adds to the precious diversity factor of the I-Slots. Coin sizes usually start at 1 cent and can go as high as 1 dollar. Sometimes the top limit is 25 cents and with some others, it is just 5 cents. The number of coins with which a spin can be entered usually depends on the coin sizes. If the coin sizes are smaller, then the number of coins is larger and can go as high as 10.

Symbols and Features

Rival’s I-Slots feature some of the best paytables in 5-Reel slots, not simply because of their style, each of which is based on the individual game’s theme but also because of the symbols, their diversity and their devotion to the atmosphere of the slot. It is difficult to find an I-Slot with card letters or numbers in the paytable; usually, symbols include only objects that are affiliated with the game’s setting. Every I-Slot is in possession of at least one wild, one bonus and one scatter symbol. As usual, the wild can replace most of the symbols in the game in order to create potential winning combinations, the scatter can unleash the free spins and the bonus symbol can activate the bonus round. In many cases, however, there is also a special jackpot symbol (As the Reels Turn 1, Psychedelic Sixties, Panda Party) and in the case of As the Reels Turn, there are actually two of them. There are also many games with several scatter symbols (As the Reels Turn, Reel Crime), Some I-Slots also feature Expanding Wild symbols (Rock On!).

In short, whatever great things you’ve heard about Rival Gaming’s I-Slots, chances are that they are probably true. Every member of the I-Slot collection is a visually stylish piece of gambling entertainment, which has the ability to appeal to gamblers of various styles of play and has great payouts, numerous symbols and many features.