5 Reel Circus Slots

5 Reel Circus Slots
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5-reel, video, bonus
Entertainment, Animals
A lot of people love to go to the circus when they want to have a good time. If you’re a circus fan as well, then you will be delighted to know that you can now experience all the amazing acts in an even more fun and rewarding setting. This is all thanks to 5 Reel Circus Slots, which is a show stealing online slot machine title from casino entertainment software developer Rival Gaming.

This game is the home of many all-time famous circus acts like for example the human cannonball, the clowns, the tigers and the lions. These circus performers do their amazing tricks and perform their acts on the 5 available slot reels of this game. And you do not only get to look at them, but you will also be handsomely rewarded for watching the slot reel show revolve. Cash rewards can be won if you spin the proper circus themed symbols on the reels, and extra prizes become available when you trigger special features that give you perks like jackpot rewards, free spins and win multipliers.

Spin Your Own Cash Making Circus Show on the Reels

The impressive and fun circus acts that you can enjoy while spinning the reels of this casino are the roaring lion, the daring human cannonball, the magnificent tiger, the trick performing seal and the elephant, the bear on an autoped, the cart, the clown, the contortionist, the woman with the beard and of course the circus ring master. The scatter logo, the human cannonball and the tiger are especially interesting to spin on the reels, because these are the rewarding bonus feature icons that can give you a lot of extra profits.

It Is Time for a Visit to the Virtual Profit Making Show of 5 Reel Circus Slots

The circus has set up shop in various Rival Gaming powered casinos that are active on the internet. Visit these casinos and you will be presented with the unique opportunity to enjoy the show and make considerable profits while the circus performers entertain you. And if the circus show alone is already enough for you to be fully satisfied, then you can also opt to just grab hold of some casino fun credits and play 5 Reel Circus Slots completely for free. So don't wait any longer. Open up a spot on your agenda and visit a Rival gaming casino, because you have a very profitable circus show to attend to.