Windy Farm Slots: Home of the Wildly Earnings Chickens

Windy Farm Slots
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5-reel, bonus, video

On the 11th of October, 2016 fans of online slot games will be in for a surprise since Windy Farm Slots will be released and will deliver a lovely combination of profitable symbols, a bonus game and an unexpectedly big variety of opportunities for solid earnings. Adopting an entertaining theme of a clean, comfy farm and its friendly, reasonably well animated inhabitants with a funny font, a neat reel design and a detailed sound design, Windy Farm Slots will bring you plenty of 3D fun through its 5 reels and (attention!) 50 paylines. Now, if you have been an online gambling slot player for a while you can imagine what kind of a bet could come out of that.

Profits of the Wealthy Farm

The animals of this lovely place will provide you with all the assistance they are capable of giving in order for you to acquire as many earnings as possible. The animal symbols include a chicken, a pig, a bull and others, whereas the farm tool icons are things like the wheelbarrow and the horseshoe-remember we are talking here about a rich farm so most animals that belong in such a place will likely be taking part in this game as well. The wild symbol of the game is all-important, all-powerful chicken. It’s vital role in the successful farming business is expressed through its ability to replace the rest of the symbols and so fill the missing spots in winning combination, enabling them to deliver payouts to the gambler. The one symbol that the chicken can’t replace is the bull symbol, which works as the scatter. Receive three of the bulls in your farm and the free spins game will be initiated. When the free spins are unleashed, 7 of them will be awarded to the player. Furthermore, everything you win throughout these spins will be multiplied by 2. The wild symbol here has a peculiar ambiguity because it can come in two forms-windy and not windy (where the title of the slot comes from). The windy wild expands from down to up and the non-windy symbol is the other way around. Of course, the biggest treasure that the otherwise very modest looking farm can grant its players is the jackpot of 4000 dollars. Windy Farm Slots is a solid new addition to the online gambling world of slots, which is sure to attract many new fans, regardless if they are new to online slots or if they are old-time players.