Diamond Cherries Game

Diamond Cherries Slots
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classic, video, 3-reel
Diamonds, Classic Slot Symbols
Bodog casino is always adding new slots to its mix of games, and one of the latest ones is Diamond Cherries. While the game is pretty straightforward in terms of reels and paylines, as you will shortly see, this is still well worth a shot for several reasons. The game offers up clear graphics and a pleasing playing experience, so what else is on offer here?

What about the reels and paylines in this slot?

This slot offers up a single payline across three reels.

Which bet amounts are allowed in Diamond Cherries slots?

Ten dollars is the highest coin value here, and you can play up to three coins on the payline. However, for those who want to keep things in the region of a penny slot game, the cheapest bet is indeed one cent for a single coin.

Does the slot game have a selection of special symbols?

Diamonds are scatters in this game, and one of them will return your triggering bet to you. Two will win you a bigger prize, while any three bar symbols (of which there are three) will win you something bigger still.

The diamond cherries are wild, and three of these will win the jackpot for the game. The amount depends on how many coins you have wagered. One coin wins a 750x payout, two coins will win you a 1500x payout, and the jackpot for three coins is 2500x your triggering bet. The diamond cherries have a multiplier of either 2x or 4x your bet, depending on whether you get one or two in a winning line.

Does Diamond Cherries slots have a bonus round?

No, there is no bonus round in this particular slot game, but that’s quite common for a single-payline slot.

Download and play Diamond Cherries now!

This game is very nice to play – very smooth, with fast-spinning reels. It can be a little frustrating sometimes if you get symbols appearing just to the top or bottom of the actual payline – especially if you can see what would have been a winning combination! However, this is quite normal and common, and it does make you more determined to try and win something.

There is an auto mode, but this can only be used if you are playing for real. If you want to do just that, you’ll open the way to try and win some serious prizes.