The 3-Reel Slots of Rival Gaming

Gods of Luxor Slots
Rival Gaming has worked hard to put together a solid collection of 3-Reel Slots, which all share an impressive and more importantly-unique visual design and a solid paytable that is well suited to gamblers of all styles of play. All of Rival's 3-Reel Slots are in possession of various little unique details that differentiate the games from one another to the point where the 3 reels and the maximum number of 3 bet coins are really the only common elements that are persistent throughout all the 3-Reel titles of Rival, despite the fact that all of them are more or less based on the classic slot game set up.

Visual Design

It's tough to find two games that look alike in Rival's 3-Reel collection. You can see various crazy themes from the street looks of Costume Party Slots to the epic fiery chaos of Firestorm 7 and the endless green plains of the Milk the Cash Cow's landscapes. Most of the games depict the paytable on their main screen, alongside the reels themselves, omitting the need to press a special button in order to check the paytable's values, which is the case with Diamond Cherries and Gold Rush, for example. With some titles, the reels and the paytable might be dominating almost entirely the screen but with some others like Milk the Cash Cow and Gold Rush, you can still enjoy some kind of a background sight that adds to the atmosphere of the game. Costume Party should be mentioned as a visually innovative slot game by all slot games' standards not just by Rival's 3-Reel Slots', because of the refreshing way it has replaced the 3 reels with 3 insanely-looking characters.

Basic Limits and Features

The classic set up for slot games involves 3 reels and a single payline and that's what Rival's 3-reel slots offer as well in almost all cases. There are some exceptions like Megawins, for example, which involves 5 paylines. The maximum number of coins, with which a spin can be entered is usually 3. As far as features are concerned, the most common ones are connected to the wild symbols, which are capable of replacing the rest of the symbols in order to create possible winning combinations from the paytable. Some of these slots incorporate in their gameplay more than just a single wild symbol and usually the additional ones have a multiplier value attached to them. Furthermore, Rival offers other more intricately designed 3-Reel slots, which feature additional bonus games like those of Sensational Sixties, that are capable of awarding terrific multipliers. Rival Gaming's 3-Reel Slots offer exciting opportunities via their paytables and wild symbols and do their best to immerse the player in their simply constructed but undeniably comfortable financial adventures.