Enjoy a Costume Party for Fun and Prizes

Costume Party Slots
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3-reel, video
Entertainment, Party
Who doesn’t love a good costume party? That’s the theme for this particular game, and you can find and play it at Bovada Casino among others.

This isn’t a 3D game but it does have a great theme and some interesting features as well. We’ve reviewed it here so you can see just how good this game is.

How many reels and paylines does Costume Party have?

The game is very different to what you might be expecting. You get to choose characters rather than reels, and there are three of them in all. You can choose one, two or all three of them. They all appear standing next to each other on a stage.

There is a similarity to a slot game though. Think of it as a 3-reel game where the reels spin sideways, and you will soon see the similarity.

How much could you bet on each payline?

There are a number of coin values to choose from. They start at one cent and go up to five dollars. You can choose to bet either one, two or three coins on each person.

Are there special symbols in action in Costume Party?

Yes, there is a wild icon and it can replace any center body part when it appears in that position. The idea is to get a complete body in one particular character to win a prize. There is no scatter symbol in play.

Does the slot game have a bonus level?

No, there isn’t a bonus round. You just have to play to try and create some complete costumes with each spin.

Download and play Costume Party for a superb time today!

The game may look very different from a typical slot to begin with, but really, it’s not so different at all. When you first start playing, make sure you have a few practice spins so you can see how it works. Pay close attention to the pay table as this helps make things easier too. You’ll see some costumes are worth more than others, with the monster offering the biggest payout of all – 5,400 coins on a 3-coin wager.

All in all, the game is good fun and it does offer you something completely different to try as well. If you haven’t played Costume Party yet, you could be in for a nice surprise when you do. Will you match the best costume of all?