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Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino thrills players with the range of slots, specialty, table, and video poker games. There's a new addition to the online casino, and it's going to thrill you. Ignition Casino offers online poker now. Play anonymously or join a tournament and try for the top prize that can be worth more than $20,000!

Your Poker Options

Download Ignition Casino poker to play. Once you're in, join poker tournaments or play games online, even anonymously. Tournaments run daily and have a $2 million guaranteed prize pool for the week. There are also Sunday games in the $100,000 Guaranteed Poker Tournament where the winner of the tournament walks away with a minimum $20,000 prize.

A Welcome Bonus for New Players

All new players at Ignition Casino earn a $10 no-deposit bonus to use towards the huge selection of online casino games. Once you make a deposit, get a 100% match on up $100 for poker and up to $1,000 towards other casino games. That's as much as $1,100 in free cash!

The Poker Points Program

Ignition Casino Poker players earn Poker Points. As part of the Poker Welcome package, there are special bonuses available. For example, Level 1 requires 15 points for $5 in bonus cash. Level 4 requires 400 points, and you get $100 in bonus cash. Throughout the year, you can trade in your points for free cash. The exchange rate outside of bonus offers is $1 for every 200 points.

Bad Beats Get Rewarded

Play Texas Hold'em at Ignition Casino and aim for the desirable royal flush. If you are lucky enough to get this hand, receive a bonus that's worth 50 times the big blind. Not having good luck? That's okay, as there's a bonus for you too. The Bad Beat Bonus pays you 100 times the big blind, up to $1,000.

Download the Software

Players can now sit back and bring the poker rooms at Ignition Casino right to them. This can be done by downloading the poker software to get started. Ignition Poker allows players the chance to play online poker using software which is available in three different languages - Simplified Chinese, English, and Spanish. The software will let anonymous gameplay to happen. No one will know your identity while sitting at the poker tables. Keep in mind that this technology is like no other and it gives the chance to play 15 tables at a time. The poker software does not just have poker games, but there are other online casino games accessible through the poker software. The software is compatible with Windows and MAC computers.

Why Choose Ignition Casino Poker?

One of the most popular reasons that players choose Ignition Casino Poker is the opportunity to play anonymously. They will not have to worry about the other players discovering your identity. This leads to more secure gaming, and there is the advantage that the other players will not know who you are, but additionally will not have any idea of how you play.

Another reason players can choose Ignition poker rooms is that they can play mobile poker. This allows for gameplay wherever the player happens to be. The Ignition Casino Mobile Poker does require you to have a tablet or a smartphone to play. These devices should be compatible with Android or Apple iOS operating systems. You will be able to play online mobile poker games any time of the day.

A third reason players may choose Ignition Poker is because of Zone Poker. This is a special type of fast-paced poker games which is also compatible with your mobile phone or tablet. Players will see that their wait times are cut down and new cards are dealt quicker. Zone Poker is for those players who want faster game action. Once a player has folded, they will instantly see himself at another table for a new game with new cards to play with. This reduces the wait time to join poker tables and allows you to spend more time just playing.

Special Software Features

There are various software features to be aware of in Ignition Casino Poker:

Quick Seat Feature: One of the first features you will encounter when using this software is the Quick Seat Feature. The updated version of this software allows for players to make the most of their time while playing. This includes have a feature that lets players "sit" down quicker than before. They are able to start playing more quickly than ever before. No longer will poker players have to wait a long time to sit at a tale. The Quick Seat Feature is available for Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, and Texas Hold'em.

Custom Table Feature: Players may not be aware they are able to customize their poker table. The software allows for them to change the look of the table they see. This can be done using table skins. There are also other customization changes such as racetrack themes. Anyone playing in the sportsbook may enjoy special stadium themes for games such as soccer, basketball, and baseball.

Card Design Feature: One of the popular features to be found in Ignition Poker is the chance to change your card designs. This is similar to the custom table feature, and you may change how your cards look. There are various designs to select from. Not only can you choose the design, but it is possible to animate your cards. There are a few animations to select from such as electrified cards or cards surrounded by flames. This is just a way to make the experience more interesting.

Poker Chat Feature: Not only is changing the design popular, but also the ability to chat with other players is well liked. Keep in mind that this can be fun, but in other instances, the casino offers the ability to place a player or the whole game on mute. The Poker Chat Feature also has numerous emojis built into it.

The "All-In" Percentage Feature: One of the latest features to be found in this software is the All-In Percentage Feature. It is a way for you to check beforehand the likelihood of winning a pot. Players who decide to go all-in will see this feature activated, and it will produce a percentage to show how likely you are to win. As soon as the cards are revealed, players will see their All-In Percentage for the hand.

Multiple Language Feature: Even if English is your main language, there is the ability to change the gameplay to other languages while playing in the poker rooms. Players are from all over the world, and besides English, the software provides the ability and support for Spanish and Simplified Chinese languages.

The Hand History Feature: Poker players will be delighted to know they can view all of their past hands using this casino poker software. The Hand History Feature will show previous hands played and you are able to watch the outcome again. Casino members have access to a rewind and fast-forward button to study these hands again and view the process all over again. This is a good way for anyone to see how they can improve their gameplay and winning strategies.

Keep in mind these are just a couple of the special features to be found when playing Ignition Casino Poker.

Head to Ignition Casino today and get started. It takes a couple minutes to set up your account. Once you're in, enjoy the $10 no-deposit bonus and huge range of games.