Ten Times Wins: A Better Sequel

Ten Times Wins Slots
Slot games have sequels too just like films and following the thoroughly acclaimed 5 Times Slots, now we receive the continuation of that financial adventure-Ten Times Wins. The game is very similar with the exception of one big and very important change-the wild symbol of the game is also the 10 Times Wins symbol and delivers a multiplier that increases the eventual payout 10 times instead of 5, which was the case with the older game. This new one features 3 paylines and 3 reels and a very simple but efficient background design with a big red “SPIN” button in the bottom right corner and a thoroughly informative score table, describing the awards, which can and will come out of every symbol. The maximum number of coins per a payline is 3. There are eight coin values in the slot-1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar, 2 dollars and 5 dollars. This makes the smallest bet possible 3 cents and the biggest one-45 dollars.

Ten Times Symbols

This slot features your typical cherry symbols, BAR symbols and Seven symbols. Players will be able to make use of blue, green and red sevens. The BAR symbols are also three types. A one level BAR symbol’s font is blue. The two level BAR symbol is green and the three level BAR symbol is coloured in red. Obviously, the highest paid symbol is the Ten Times Wins wild. Its first effect is to replace missing symbols in any of those winning combinations depicted in the big table on the right and as you can see there isn’t a symbol in this game that will leave you without a payout if two of it appear on a reel. Obviously, it’s second one is to increase the payout of the fulfilled winning combination 10 times, which will likely result in immense earnings. Get three Ten Times Wins symbols and you will win 5000 credits with a maximum number of three coins played. Add in a coin value of 5 dollars and you might as well go to 25, 000 dollars. Next up are the red sevens, three of which will pay 120 credits for 3 coins. The green and the blue sevens follow with a value of 90 and 60 respectively. The BAR symbols follow next. The triple red award 45, the green double ones-30 and the single blue BAR will grant 15. After that come the cherry symbols. Three cherries at a coin number of 3 will give 9 credits. If your luck isn’t going in quite the right way there are always two types of safety nets-one of them is connected with the BAR symbols-if you acquire all three BAR symbols on a single line you will get 3 credits, which is the lowest 3-coin award in the game. A similar combination also works with the sevens but for getting all the seven type symbols the players will be granted 12 credits.

Ten Times Wins deliver exactly the same thrills and is just as effective as Five Times Wins but in the case of this new game the awards are doubled. Nothing against fans of the original, but in all honesty, there is no logical reason to continue playing it when this new game is now available. Ten Times Wins can bring your stake as low as you like but doubles the awards. If you loved the original and it brings you luck, this is a must try and not simply for those acquainted with Five Times but for every slot game admirer out there.