Big Fish Casino

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Big Fish Casino sounds impressive, but it is everything it appears to be? The answer depends on what you were expecting to start with. This is not your average casino – quite the opposite, in fact. Let’s explore the options to see what’s what.

You won’t play for real money at Big Fish Casino

This is made clear on the home page. You can find out more about the games there too, but it should be recognized that the site doesn’t offer real money prizes. If you score any success in the slots or other games there, you’ll earn virtual credits. These can be used to play the games, but they cannot be withdrawn.

You can still get a welcome bonus though

Yes, those virtual credits are required for you to get started. If you sign up to use the casino, you can expect to get 100,000 credits as a welcome. That is very nice to start with, but who knows where you’ll go from there?

How can you access the casino?

You have a series of choices depending on your device. You can download the app from the App Store, from Google Play, or get it on Amazon. You could also choose to play on Facebook or to download it from Big Fish direct.

Did you know you can try their walkthrough to gain more info about the site?

This is a good way to understand just what Big Fish Casino can offer you. The menu for the walkthrough contains topics such as your profile, making friends, and getting hold of chips, tickets, and gold. Not real gold, of course, but gold nonetheless!

Don’t miss the Daily Spin game

This is available to play every day, so it is a good idea to log in to see how good this game is. You can earn chips for playing it, with more chips on offer for each subsequent day you play. There are other ways to earn chips too, so you’ve got some good options to think about.

Look out for the various game rooms at the casino

These rooms are where the slot tournaments, poker games, blackjack, and other options are available. Once you get the hang of where everything is, you’ll be able to login, play the Daily Spin game, grab your chips, and get started playing some awesome games from that moment on.

If all you want is the chance to play games without spending real cash on them, Big Fish Casino delivers the goods. Check it out today.