Flea Market Slots

Flea Market Slots
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3-reel, classic
Flea Market Slot is certainly one of the more unique themes out there. The developers of this game certainly deserve extra high points for making a slot machine game about fleas and a flea market.

The first reference to the term "Flea Market" appeared in two conflicting stories about a location in Paris, France in the 1860's known as the marche aux puces, translation, "Flea Market". Merchants would gather to sell their second hand goods in a less than pleasant part of Paris. There must have been a lot of fleas buzzing around. The term flea market found it's way into the vocabulary of every day life. Flea markets in the modern era range in size. Some can be held inside a venue or outdoors in a parking lot for example. They usually attract bargain hunters that are in search of a great deal or a hidden diamond in the rough.

The game is pretty straight forward. You play the game to try to win. Symbols include a diamond ring, an antique dresser, a lollipop for Jr., and Bar Icons. This game has potential to appeal to folks who are new to online gaming.

The pay table is listed on the left. This conveniently breaks down the potential payouts in the game. You can either bet one or two coins on each spin of the slot machine. One strategy to keep in mind is that the game potentially pays out double plus 50% for the top prize. The big prize in this slot game is the diamond ring.

A True Diamond In The Rough

Say a person is playing the game and three diamond rings pop up. The prize will be 4000 times your coin value when playing one coin. A wagering of two coins can potentially result in a payout of 10,000 times your coin value if three diamond rings pop up on the line.

This game has a financial range that is very broad in terms of what folks can wager. A person can bet from one cent all the way up to twenty five dollars a spin under one coin. You can also wager from two cents to fifty dollars a spin on the two coin option.

Log onto the online casino where you like to place your bets. Make sure that you have money in your account to wager. Play the online slot machine Flea Market slot. You'll be buzzing around having the time of your life.