Vintage Vegas Slots

Vintage Vegas Slots
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5-reel, video, bonus
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It could be that you are too young to have experienced the notorious heighdays of Las Vegas, or perhaps you are reminiscing about those days when Frank Sinatra and sexy showgirls called the shots on stage, and the mafia gangsters called the shots in their casino business empires and on each other.

It sure was an exciting time for the city as it was the period in which it established its fame in the world. Nevertheless, do not worry if you were not around to experience its glamour days, or if you really miss that time. Rival Gaming has found the perfect solution for people like you, and this solution has taken form in the development of a slot machine game that focuses on that part of Sin City's history.

It was a time in history when the soon to be gambling capital of the world really started to attract fortune hunters that flocked to the mob owned casinos to try out their luck and search for cash and fame. Many of them had an opportunistic winner attitude, and they believed that their gambling systems could beat the odds when they played games like roulette, craps, poker and blackjack. If you are just as confident and opportunistic as these early Sin City fortune seekers, then Vintage Vegas Slots is the perfect game to test your luck and see if you can take hold of some amazing cash prizes that do not have to stay behind in Vegas.

Experience the Typical Vegas Extravaganza on Your Game Screen

In terms of its design and its reel symbols, this game gives you exactly what you expect when thinking of the old Las Vegas. The game screen is a colorful, neon lit display of the typical Las Vegas extravaganza, while on the reels of the game, you will see symbols like the playing cards, the slot machine, the mobster, the dice and the showgirl.

When it comes to special icons, you can aim to spin the famous Las Vegas cowboy sign wild icon with its massive top payout of 15000, the playing chips jackpot reward symbol with its top prize of no less than 5000, and the roulette wheel free spins trigger icon that is able to reward you with an amazing 60 extra spins when you land it on the reels as a five piece combination. And on top of those free spins, you also get to win multipliers reward when you land the wild icon on the reels during a complimentary spinning session.

The Entertainment Capital of the World Awaits Your Arrival

Did you become all excited while reading this game review, and are you now ready to indulge yourself in the old school glitter and glamour of Las Vegas? The ever so amazing entertainment capital of the world awaits you arrival, and you do not need to take a plane to Nevada, or invent a time machine to visit it in its heighdays. All you have to do is open Vintage Vegas Slots in a virtual casino that has this Rival Gaming title on offer. You will then have the time of your live, and perhaps even build up some fortunes that can dramatically change your life for good.