Gold Rush

Gold Rush Slots (Rival)
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3-reel, classic
Gold, Gold Rush
Rival Gaming can be relied upon to reveal some great online slots games and Gold Rush slots is no exception. This takes you right into the casino to bring you a traditional game you may love to play. Check out our review of it today to see where you stand.

How many reels and paylines can you expect?

This game is traditional and therefore it has just three reels in play. It only has one payline too, so it really does look like a classic game. It is very popular though – perhaps for that exact reason.

How much or little can you bet on Gold Rush?

There is no choice of how much or little you can play here. All you have to play is 20 cents per spin. However with one payline that is your top price, so it is a reasonable amount to play with.

With that said though, you do have a little control over it because you can choose from one, two or three coins to play on that single payline. The more coins you wager with, the bigger your potential prize could be.

Are there special symbols involved in Gold Rush slots?

No – the only symbols in play here are of the type you’d expect to see in a Vegas-style game like this. For example you get the cherries and the five-bar and seven-bar options. There is a mine truck filled with gold to tie into the game title though. The biggest awards come when you get the gold bar symbols showing up on your screen. If you have played three coins on the payline and you get three bar symbols all on the payline too, you get the jackpot win.

Can you unlock a bonus round?

No – since this is a basic game you don’t get a bonus level to unlock.

Download and play Gold Rush slots today!

Even though this game is pretty standard it is great fun and it’s something we think you might return to as well. You also get the chance of unlocking and winning the progressive jackpot. You have to wager three coins a spin to do this. However it can be a big win if you manage to trigger the combination for it.

Why not download and try Gold Rush today to see if you can get a lucky win on this slots machine?