Megawins Slots: A Profitable Spectacle

Megawins Slots
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3-reel, video
Classic Slot Symbols
With a flashy looking design, beautiful animation, gorgeously looking symbols and an atmosphere that is just screaming luxury and big wins, Megawins Slots is a brand new slot game. It will surely gain a lot of admirers for the months and quite possibly years to come with its fresh gameplay, spectacular offers and equally impressive outlook with exceptionally crafted details and memorable color pallet.

Megawins Rules

This new slot game has adopted a kind of an old-school approach as far as the basics of its gameplay are concerned. It has 3 reels and 5 paylines, which makes for a simplistic but nonetheless fully engaging gambling experience. The maximum number of coins that players can bet with is 3 per a payline and obviously the maximum number of paylines is 5. The smallest value for a coin in Megawins Slots is 1 cent and the biggest possible coin amount is 5 dollars. The range of a bet per a single spin is also quite wide. Those who dislike taking big chances can bet just a single cent while the bolder players can go as high as 75 dollars for a single spin.

Megawinning Symbols

There is a remarkable number of highly profitable symbols in the game and they are easily recognizable from other games too-there are the Sevens, the Bards and the Cherries. The most valuable symbol in the entire game is without doubt the Megahawk which, when combined with the Cherries symbol might deliver you a rarely gigantic reward. The Cherries symbol on its own is also quite useful for players. If they successfully manage to get their hands on either two or three of them on the reels in sequence, a handsome reward will be paid out. The biggest win available with Megawins Slots amounts to 25,000 dollars and this amount is also considered the game’s jackpot. In order to acquire this terrific sum, you need to have luck, you got to with the game’s biggest bet possible and last but not least you need to collect on your reels five of the remarkable Megahawk symbols. Fulfill those three conditions and the game’s biggest award will be yours.

Land a Megawin Yourself

Make sure you are one of the first devoted fans of online gambling who will go ahead and venture into this new exciting slot game, which looks very promising in deed and in all likelihood will live up to the hype.