Coins Of Olympus

Coins of Olympus Slots
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5-reel, bonus, video
Greek Mythology, Regional
Rival Gaming will be releasing their newest slots game on August 27, 2013. The theme is set in wonderful era of ancient Greece, taking players back in time to mythical legends of the famous ancient Gods. Players of this slots game are set to meet these Gods on the reels, watch each of the Gods come to life. Aphrodite who inspires love to happen, Ares as God of War sets the wars spinning, Athena Who inspires great wisdom, Dionysus as the God of Wine and definitely that wonderful nectar of the Gods, Well known Hercules such a Hero, Poseidon rules as the God of the Seas presiding over all the sea creatures, Hermes who is the Herald and messenger of the Gods, Hades who rules the Underworld, and the Father of all the Gods – Zeus. Players will be treated to an incredible spectacle as these Gods all animate on the reels and dish out prizes for players.

The game is played ….

On twenty five paylines and players can choose how many lines they wish to play, with a variety of coin sizes its easy to play max bet, and there are 5 reels that spin in the game. Rival Video slots produce excellent graphics that animate to make the game more interesting plus topical sound effects.

Expanding Wilds

The Gold and Silver coins are the wild symbols and they expand down the reels to animate give the player more chances of winning. Wilds are symbols that will create a win combination by substituting itself with two other symbols to complete three symbols that create a win.

The Free Spins...

The Gold and Silver coins also have a special function, they also set off the free spin feature, where players will be awarded a number of free spins, and increase their changes of winning, without having to place any bets, worth getting for those extra spins that give wins.

The Coins of Olympus Bonus feature

An Earthquake hits Mount Olympus and Zeus is horrified to find that loads of Gold coins start tumbling down to the Village. In The Bonus feature The messenger Hermes comes to the rescue and offers to go collect the coins with the help from Pegasus the Winged Horse. To find out more about the bonus game players will have to play the game, watch for this exciting now game from Rival gaming.