Dollars to Donuts

Dollars to Donuts Slots
In two weeks’ time a brand new game from Rival with a classic set up, traditional icons and several surprises up its sleeve, will grace gambling fans with its presence. Its name will be Dollars to Donuts, its visual style will be smooth, polishes and lovely to behold and not just because the main screen involves two things that are equally sweet-dollar bills and donuts (lots of them). It will be a three reel, five payline game with a maximum number of three credits.

Dollars and Donuts Symbols

There are 8 symbols that pay on the paytable of the game and 11 winning combinations. Every combination provides different rewards for the cases of one bet coin, two bet coins and three bet coins. At the bottom of the paytable is a combination of three of any of the BAR symbols, paying 1 coin per a bet credit. Next up is a combination of any three of the Seven symbols. Such a combination pays 3 coins per a bet credit. Then if you get two of the deliciously looking pink donuts on the payline, you will receive 5 coins for a single bet coin. A triple combination of the donuts will deliver 10 coins for 1 bet credit. There are three types of BAR symbols-the blue single ones, the green double ones and the red triple ones. The combination of three blue single ones pays 5 coins for a single credit bet. Three of the double green ones deliver 10 coins per one bet credit. Three of the triple red BAR-s deliver 15 coins for a single credit. Next up are the donut-made Seven symbols, which are covered with sprinkles, which makes them look even more delicious. There are white Sevens, pink Sevens and yellow Sevens. Three of the white Sevens pay 30 coins for a single bet credit. Three of the pink Sevens deliver 40 coins per 1 bet coin. Four of the yellow Sevens pay 50 coins for1 bet coin, 100 for 2 coins and 150 for 3 coins. The highest paying symbol of the game is the Dollars to Donuts title wild symbol. Three of the wild pay the three top prizes in the game. For a single coin bet, the payout is 1500 coins. For two bet coins it is 3000 coins. The top prize of the game can be awarded only with a three-coin bet and that is 5000 coins.

Keep your eyes open for this delicious looking game. When Dollars to Donuts is released and that will happen very soon, everybody will be swept away by the sugary gambling rush of this brand new slot and you, as a passionate gambler, shouldn’t be left behind.