Free Chips at Ignition

Ignition Casino

The members of Ignition Casino can benefit from a number of generous promotions. Constant financial support is vital for the successful and enjoyable gaming experience on the site and that is exactly what the Ignition delivers through a variety of great bonus offers. The free chip offer stands out as the most profitable of all of the casino's promotion prizes. It doesn't require a deposit in order to be awarded unlike the majority of other bonus offers in the casino.

Acquire the Free Chip Bonus

All that players need to do is to select the "Claim Bonus" tab and the money will be added to the bonus balance in the account. The amount of the free chip cash prize is depicted right next to the small gift-wrapped box icon at the top left corner. Every player has the right to acquire up to 100 dollars in the form of free chips, which then can be used as credits on casino games.

Know the Difference Between Cash and Bonus Funds

There are two main types of funds that players of Ignition Casino will have at their disposal on their account - cash funds and bonus funds. The cash funds will be displayed at the top right corner of the page. When a bonus prize is acquired, its amount is added to the bonus funds, not the cash funds. These bonus amounts can then be used on certain games and during specific time frames. Every active bonus prize has its very own bonus description and it can be read in the Active Bonuses section of the site.

What Forms the Playable Balance?

Players will notice that the total balance is depicted in the middle of a green circle. The purple part of that circle will stand for the bonus balance. The cash balance and the bonus balance together form up the total balance, which is also the amount that can be used to put wagers on various games on the casino. In every member's wallet, the available withdrawable amount (the funds that can be immediately moved into your bank account) and the currently locked amount will be shown at all times.

Sign up at Ignition Casino today and get ready to experience a never-ending cycle of financial support through the spectacular collection of profitable bonus offers, including the generous free chip prizes of the site, all of which will drastically improve every minute of your membership.